The Summoning the Elusive Boss: How to Spawn Sister of Parvos

how to spawn sister of parvos

If you’re looking to spawn the Sister of Parvos in Warframe, I’ve got you covered. This formidable boss encounter is part of the Sisters of Parvos update and can be a challenging fight. In order to summon her, you’ll need to complete certain requirements and follow specific steps.

To start, make sure you have completed the Vox Solaris questline and reached at least Rank 3 with the Vox Solaris syndicate in Fortuna on Venus. Once these prerequisites are met, head over to your Orbiter’s Navigation console and select any Grineer-controlled node on Jupiter or Saturn.

Next, equip a fully built Heliocor melee weapon that has Codex Scans available. During missions on these Grineer-controlled nodes, look for special enemies called “Parvos’ Corpus Proxies.” These proxies will drop Cipher Fragments upon defeat.

Collect enough Cipher Fragments by scanning them with your Heliocor until you reach 10 in total. With these fragments in hand, return to Fortuna and go speak with Mother, located near the entrance of Fortuna. Interact with her and select the option to initiate “Cipher Decryption.”

Upon activation, a timer will begin counting down; during this time, eliminate Corpus enemies within proximity to extend its duration. Once the timer reaches zero or you choose to end it prematurely by interacting again with Mother, she will reward you with an encrypted message.

Decrypting this message will reveal your next step in spawning the Sister of Parvos. Follow the instructions provided carefully, as they may involve completing specific mission types or objectives on certain planets.

Now that you know how to spawn the Sister of Parvos, it’s time to gear up and face this powerful adversary head-on! Good luck, Tenno!

How to Spawn Sister of Parvos

The Sister of Parvos is a formidable adversary introduced in the Warframe game. As a high-ranking Corpus executive, she wields powerful weapons and possesses unique abilities that make her a challenging enemy to face. In this section, I’ll provide an overview of what you need to know about the Sister of Parvos.

The Summoning the Elusive Boss: How to Spawn Sister of Parvos

Origins and Lore

The Sister of Parvos is part of the ongoing storyline involving Nef Anyo and his pursuit of power within the Corpus faction. She is created through the Kuva Lich system, which imbues her with enhanced strength, resilience, and deadly skills. Her existence poses a significant threat to players as they engage in intense battles against her.

Encounter Mechanics

To spawn the Sister of Parvos, players must first acquire Requiem Relics by completing missions on specific planets. These Relics contain fragments of knowledge needed to uncover her vulnerabilities. Once enough Requiem Relics have been collected, players can initiate a special mission known as “Call Signs.” This mission will lead them closer to confronting the Sister.

Upon encountering her, players must defeat her multiple times while learning and deciphering her Requiem Mod sequence—a combination that unlocks her weaknesses. It’s crucial to adapt strategies during each encounter based on these learned patterns for maximum effectiveness.

Rewards and Drops

Defeating the Sister of Parvos has its own set of rewards. Alongside valuable resources like rare mods and relics, players have a chance to obtain exclusive weapons known as Kuva Weapons. These potent firearms come with their own unique properties and elemental damage types, making them highly sought after by seasoned Warframe veterans.

Furthermore, defeating the Sister also contributes towards unlocking additional lore fragments that shed light on Nef Anyo’s machinations within the Corpus hierarchy.

In conclusion, Taking on the challenges posed by the formidable Sister of Parvos requires careful planning, adaptability in combat, and persistence. By mastering the Requiem Mod sequence and deciphering her weaknesses, players can not only secure valuable rewards but also unravel the intricate lore surrounding this intriguing character in the Warframe universe.


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